Law Enforcement Guide

Background was created in 2013 as a content curator. The original idea was very simple - create an easy-to-use interface for users to browse & review massage ads that exist on the internet. Shortly after, an option was created that allowed users to create new ads & manage existing ads. The site coasted along for many years like this.

In 2018, the world changed. was flooded with new users and ads - this was both good and bad. It was good to have such a surge in interest, but it introduced a host of new challenges for content moderation.

Our Platform is a 100% user generated content platform. We do not create, edit, or co-ordinate with any advertisers on the site in regards to ad creation or reviews. We have 2 categories of advertisers on the site primarily:

Category 1 - Advertisers we want:
  1. Massage spas: Both Asian and American - these are the locations that exist by the thousands in cities all across America and provide massage service only.
  2. Independent practitioners: Primarily women providing massage service as a full or part time job. They often have a massage table setup at home or a small office. Larger cities have hundreds of women that rely on our site for work.
Category 2 - Advertisers we DO NOT want:
  1. Prostitution/human trafficking ads.
  2. Ads created by scammers. They create fake ads (often highly explicit) and try to trick users into sending payment via gift cards, Venmo, Paypal, etc.

Dozens of ads/users in the second category are deleted and banned daily. Sometimes it’s easy to identify the bad actors, but oftentimes it’s difficult to distinguish the difference between the two categories of ads. In addition, ads can be overlooked due to volume and/or the ability of users to edit ads at will.

We have a reporting system in place to allow users to assist us, and we put forth our best efforts to remove illegal content and ban users where appropriate.

In the case of justified law enforcement action, we are happy to assist with information requests. We store limited information in regards to the users on the site, but we will provide what is available.

To submit an information request, please create a free user on one of the city pages and use the support channel provided there. We require these actions to cut down on the large number of spam requests, so we thank you for understanding.

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