How to Post a Great Ad

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We do everything we can to bring traffic to the site. We use a combination of external ads, social media, search engine optimization, press releases, and blogging. However, we dont create or edit any of the ads. Ensuring an ad is of good quality and will inspire a client to reach out is the responsibility of the providers. Were in a unique position to see all the traffic that comes to the site. We know which ads get the most traffic and which ads get the most calls/texts/emails. For this reason, we wanted to share the traits that the best performing ads often have to make your ad perform the best it can.

There are 3 main factors that you have control over and will affect your traffic and number of contacts:


The photos you use in your ad are absolutely the most important factor. Theyre what draws the potential client in to view your ad in the first place. It should come as no surprise that sexy photos will get the most clicks, so its recommended to use your best sexy photos. Have a friend give you a 2nd opinion if you need help.

The photos you use should be real and recent. Its incredibly easy for users to discover fake photos with Google search by image. Fake photos will also get you poor reviews. Its perfectly fine to cover or blur your face if youd prefer to keep your privacy.

Make sure you upload at least 3 photos to prove that it is actually you. Multiple photos of the same person is usually an indicator that its the real person instead of a photo that was just found on the internet.

If you have professional glamour or model shots, we dont recommend you use them. They usually scream fake even if theyre real. Youll do better in comfortable clothing (yoga pants or lingerie is common) using a smart phone to take the photos. If you have a massage table/candles/incense, include those in the photos because it will demonstrate that youre serious about what you do.


The 2nd most important factor are your donation amounts and/or pricing. First off, make sure you put your donation information in the ad. This will almost always be the first question a person asks, and many potential clients wont even take the time to ask. Theyll just move on. Put your donation information in the ad.

Actual price values are the million dollar question that every business asks themselves - How much should I charge?. A higher price means less volume in a competitive market, and the body rub/massage market is very competitive. A really good explanation on pricing vs volume can be found here.

You can look at other ads to get a feel for the average price. Charging more than average will make you more per massage, but youll almost certainly make less overall since the market is so competitive.

Also, dont be afraid to experiment with donation pricing. You can, for instance, offer $20-$40 off for just for a weekend to see the effect.

Ad Body

People dont like to do a lot of reading - we know this from experience. Many users will just gloss over the actual body of your ad, but its still important. The best performing ads provide an explanation as to why their service is better than others, mention massage training or other amenities theyll be providing, and of course pricing.

Its also recommended you provide instructions on how to set up an appointment along with contact preference (call/text), but users will often ignore this. Try to take it gracefully.

Hopefully with these tips you can get your ad performing to its best potential. The final thought is that youre going to want to regularly use the daily refreshes to keep your ad towards the top of your city and in front of potential clients. Even the best ad in the world wont attract clients if no one sees it. We hope you find some great clients!

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